Sunday, November 11, 2007

Carnival of the Cats #190 - The 'quick and dirty' edition (fixed)

It's that time again. Time when the Carnival of the Cats gets weird because a dog's helping host.

Yes, that's right, Bruiser's helping host again.

Unfortunately, some stuff out of our control has popped up this time and I'm more or less stuck copying and pasting the BlogCarnival HTML. Pesky life, getting in the way of things!

Anyways, Bruiser, you ready to start?

Soon as I can get into the bathroom!

Alright then, I'll start without ya.

Ah, Bruiser's finally joining us.

Taffy said she wants to help too.

Fine by me.

Can Petey help too, daddy?

I've got a bad feeling about this, but I guess...

Since they're helping you can I go take a nap?

No, you promised me you'd help.

But I got you helpers!

You can nap after we're done, there's really not much left.

Alright y'all that's all I've got. Next week's supposed to be at Pet's Garden Blog.

If anybody's wondering, the problem that I had with the links was that in the code it used the " symbol twice instead of once for some reason. Windows Live Writer, my blogging software of choice, thus butchered the code royally. But hey, it's all worked out now.


Samantha & Mom said...

Hello! We think you have a glitch in your Carnival! All the links go back to your blog and not to the blog they are showcasing. This happened on our computer so if it works through yours please let us know and we'll have our computer checked out. We love the dogs! They are very cute!
Your FL furiends,

Justin said...

I see that. I'm workin on it.

K T Cat said...

Gads! What a chore. Thanks for running all this to ground. I threw you a link right back.

Justin said...

It's fixed, that's what matters.

Irishcoda said...

Hi Justin, Bruiser, Taffy & Petey,

thanks for hosting, good show y'all!

About that glitch,yeah, that happened to me too. Here they think they're helping you and just go making more work for you after all! (The insta-carnival stuff, I mean)

sammawow said...

So sorry about the problems you had tonight, but you turned out an excellent Carnival! Thanks for hosting!

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Hey Justin and Woofies! Excellent roundup. Understand about problems and such... no worries, we are all here now! Thanks for hosting - we love COTC!

Purrs from the Bad Kitty Cats

Samantha & Mom said...

Great Carnival Justin and Woofies!
Your Florida furiends,

Anonymous said...

So cute I could melt.

Marilynn said...

Very clever for some dog-pals to host Carnival of the Cats! Very nice job, y'all!!

I'm not reading this until Monday morning, so clearly you've fixed all the glitches! Such a grind, huh?

Purrs from Grace & Crew

Anonymous said...

What good doggies. And SMART, too, to figure out all that HTML stuff. :-)

K T Cat said...

By the way, I loved the story line that went with the post. That was inspired!