Friday, November 16, 2007

Saving kitteh's toes

I'm taking a hiatus.

For how long? I haven't decided yet.

I've just been a little burnt out on the whole blogging thing I guess and just feel like I need a break.

You know, before I commit blog suicide and endanger Posey's toes.

But hey, keep checking me out, I still plan on doing Friday Photo during the hiatus (tho I think I"m going to skip this week).

Oh yea, I'll still be on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

For a small hiatus Posey will just get a small nail trimming.

You'd better come back.

Tots said...


Could be worse, I am trapped in the potty!

Friggin' Jenny!

I actually think you are still afraid of that Texans 10-6 bet.

K T Cat said...

Wait a minute. You're doing this right before the Saints-Texans game! What's going on here?