Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cluttered desktop

Today Dwight showed us what his desktop on his computer at work looked like.

Yea, the after image is way better, but it still looks way cluttered compared to mine.

Don't worry about that little blurred area, that's just the App Launcher sidebar applet, which I use to launch all my frequently-used programs.

When I was running XP, my desktop didn't look like this. It was madly cluttered with a lot of icons, but Vista's features made it easier for me to keep it un-cluttered.

So, if my desktop's not cluttered with stuff, where does all the clutter go?

In the documents folder, of course. I probably need to go through and organize it more.

Sometime after I do my sock drawer.


K T Cat said...

I like it!

Justin said...

It is a rather neato picture. Dwight posted a link to it on Twitter and I thought it'd make a good wallpaper.