Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pop quiz

Q: How much change can you put in a wine glass?

A: About $37.00

Today I took my change collection to the grocery store and ran it all through the Coinstar machine there, asking for the money in an gift certificate (which is free). I was expecting there to be maybe $20 worth of change.

It came out to $36.99.

Then the machine phoned in to home and gave me a receipt with a code to type in on Amazon. Worked like a charm.

Hell, the machine even gave me a breakdown of the coins that I poured in on the receipt.


Anonymous said...

Was it a really big wine glass full of quarters? Because I have a mayo jar and I doubt I'll get that much. Maybe wine glasses give more interest.

Justin said...

It wasn't that big. I'd be willing to bet that your mayo jar would hold a hell of a lot more.