Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The continuing political drama that is my mind

As readers of mine know, I did a post on the presidential candidates.

Then I felt dirty about it.

Unfortunately, doing a post about politics is sort of like Pringles in that once you pop you just can't stop.

I keep desiring to do posts about politics because they're extremely easy this time of year as they will be until November.

But I hold back.

I hold back because I wanted it to be a fun place for my random and (all to rarely) funny musings.

Not about politics.

Hell, the only reason I did the fast food candidates post was because I thought it'd be a fun little funny post that made a point. And it accomplished that.

It's not easy to spit out posts like that. It was the kind of concept that doesn't hit me all too often.

It's just something I don't like blogging about.

Maybe I need more kittens to get this out of my system.

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