Friday, January 18, 2008

Taffy and the (formerly) squeaky toy

Welcome to Friday Photo, a new feature where I share photos that I've taken with the world.

Taffy and her hot dog Leave me alone, I'm playing with my hot dog.

First off, that's not really a hot dog. It's a Philly cheesesteak or something. And it's supposed to squeak.

I'd bought one of those the day before we got Bruiser so he'd have some toys and it (along with this rubber bone that came with it) are the longest-lasting toys we've ever bought the dogs.

Well, the day Taffy got here she got ahold of it, chewing it and breaking the little squeaker inside.

Later on, we'd bought another set of those and she broke the squeaker in that one the same day.

She's rough on those!

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Amanda Travers said...

She's a feisty one ain't she? She's adorable too!