Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Early voting

Barack Obama encouraged us to do it yesterday during his humongous rally in Houston, and now I'm talking about it.

I don't know about the states my readers live in, but Texas allows early voting for (usually) about a two-week stretch before any election.

It's a really handy way to get it done and over with, especially if you'll be out of town or something on election day.

And of course, you never know when something could come up and cause you to not make it to your polling place.

After I got old enough to vote, I always went to the local polling place on election day and cast my ballot there.

But back in November I was downtown for something or other and decided that while I was there I'd spin down to the courthouse and vote. Last November wasn't a big election, just a load of uncontroversial amendments to the Texas Constitution and a very heated school bond issue.

Once I found where the early voting was taking place (after having to ask for directions twice) I found it. It was so easy and I was in and out so fast that I decided that was the way I was going to do it from now on.

So today I'm off to do my early voting in the Republican primary.

Just not at the courthouse, since Mr. Bill moved his rally there.

Thankfully they also have early voting at a library about three miles away.

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K T Cat said...

Vote for Fred!

Errr, is it too late for that?