Monday, February 11, 2008

Guest Post - Exercising my Freedom of Thought

Greetings from your guest blogger for the week, Jacob the Syrian Hamster! I normally blog over at The Scratching Post, but this week I'll be filling in for Justin while he's gone doing who knows what. I'm a happy little rodent from San Diego, California. I have no plan for this at all and will just be blogging whatever comes into my furry little head.

I take requests.

So this morning we were driving in to work and we got behind a car with lots of bumper stickers. I mean a lot of them. The one that struck me as the best said, "Exercise your right to think for yourself." That in itself was ironic as the entire car urged me to simply agree with the driver on a wide range of issues. What was doubly ironic was the fact that the driver didn't seem to have thought for themselves at all.

One bumper sticker claimed that "A village in Texas is missing its idiot" apparently referring to George W. Bush. It's hard to see that as evidence that the driver had been thinking for themselves. President Bush was a jet fighter pilot and has an MBA from Harvard. Either the driver has an impossibly high standard for idiocy or they bought that bumper sticker because it made fun of someone they hate, but don't actually know.

A second bumper sticker said, "How did our oil get under their sand?" A similar question unasked by the driver might have been, "How did my bread get in their wheat field?" or perhaps "How did my water get in the Colorado River?" While single-celled organisms consume only what they control, civilized humans do not.

Maybe a truly apropos bumper sticker would have read, "My car has severe rust. These bumper stickers were cheap and prevent further decay."

Now that would have been thinking for yourself.

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Justin said...

I think I saw that same car on I-45 coming home from Fort Worth today! It said stuff like "Cancer cures smoking" and "Think green, vote blue." I think they were holding the back of the car together or something.

Now if I can just find a good place for a bumper sticker on a PT Cruiser...