Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here come the scissors again

David Carr gets cut:

The Carolina Panthers released disappointing quarterback David Carr on Wednesday and came to terms with receiver Muhsin Muhammad on a two-year contract.

Carr was let go a year after he signed a $6 million, two-year deal with the Panthers following a five-year stint as a starter in for the Texans. But Carr struggled so badly when he took over for the injured Jake Delhomme last season that he was eventually demoted to third-string.

Will his track record of sucking wherever he goes get him another job or will he finally ride off into the sunset that they call the arena league?

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K T Cat said...

I think he's done. Do you suppose he could have done better had he not been a tackling dummy in his first few seasons with the Texans?

Justin said...

I do think that it would have helped a lot. Half his problem is that he's too tentative in the pocket and I'd say that you got a damn good reason to be tentative when you're used to having 300-pound defensive linemen through the line running straight at you half a second after the snap.

K T Cat said...

I don't think he was ever able to show his potential, but that's life. You can't always get what you want.