Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Back to school

Today I began what should be an interesting journey throughout the next six months.

I began a series of online classes that will give me all the know-how to work as a veterinary assistant.

It's an online course offered through Alvin Community College's online Continuing Education program. The course doesn't require being admitted to Alvin CC and only cost $79 per course.

All the courses (three to finish the program) are six weeks long with new courses starting every month. New lessons are up twice a week, along with a quiz (that doesn't count), discussion area for the lesson, and other activities that will help us when we take the final exam that will determine if we pass or not.

This should be an interesting ride...

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Amanda Travers said...

Well it sounds like it's going to be fun! Good luck :)

K T Cat said...

I'm looking forward to possible postings on what you learn. Good luck!