Friday, February 16, 2007

I hate to brag, but...

Back in June I did an entry about the Bonura family, who I thought was turning the tragic death of their daughter into greed. The post drew an interesting comment (#6), which I responded to.

Here's the basic gist of the story as published by the Enterprise back in June (the link to the story no longer works):

The family of a student killed in the March bus accident involving the West Brook High School girls soccer team sued the bus company and its driver Wednesday.

The lawsuit, filed in Jefferson County district court on behalf of Alicia Bonura's family, alleges the bus chartered from Sun Travel was unsafe and that the driver was negligent.


The lawsuit seeks both actual and punitive damages from Sun Travel and Lorri Ann White, the Silsbee resident who drove the bus.

The manufacturers of the bus and its parts also will be added as defendants in the lawsuit, Ferguson said.

I said, among other things:

If anybody's responsible, it's the guy who didn't secure his cargo to the trailer.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has finished their report on the accident... and they agree with me.

KFDM News has learned the Texas Department of Public Safety just finished its report on the West Brook soccer team bus crash.


Sergeant Havard says the DPS will turn over its report, which is several hundred pages long, to the Liberty County District Attorney's office. Havard, who led the investigation, says he'll ask the D.A. to file criminally negligent homicide charges against the driver of the pick up truck for failing to secure the styrofoam.

That charge is a state jail felony.

The DPS says no charges will be filed against the driver of the charter bus, because she didn't cause the accident.

And I didn't need an investigation that took most of a year!

So, here's my question. Now that it's been established who's really responsible, will the parties that were cleared of wrongdoing be removed from the lawsuit?

My money's on no.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, if there's the potential to make money the lawsuit will go through whether it's right or not.

Ah, justice.

Nat said...

I've long had a gargantuan bug up my butt about unsecured open loads on trucks and trailers after nearly getting creamed by a gargantuan drill-bit falling off a flatbed. I'm always seeing stuff flying out of pickups on the freeway, but people just don't think about it if the risk is behind them. I wish the truck beds were in the front of the car.