Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Apple Computer will NEVER get my money

I picked up Bear's ashes today.

After I did that I went to the Galleria to grab some food.

I'd been thinking about finally getting an Ipod, so I stopped in the Apple store on my way out.

I was ready to buy the black 30 GB model until I asked the salesperson (who I shall call Macboy) about the device's compatibility with Windows Vista. The talk went something like this:

Macboy: You're running Vista?

Me: Yea.

Macboy: [in what I consider a condescending tone] We don't support Vista yet.

Me: [Turns around and walks out]

Well, my apologies for not praying toward Cupertino, California (where Apple's corporate headquarters are located) five times a day.

You know, the people you'll see on any tech blog who think that Microsoft is evil and Mac can do no wrong.

I can't stand them.

Not that I pray towards Redmond, WA or anything.

I'll never buy anything Apple or Mac the rest of my life.

Anyways, I went to Fry's and bought a black Zune instead. They both cost the same.

I'll let y'all know what I think about it soon.

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K T Cat said...

Blogging has taught me that it's the creativity that is the hard part, not the tool. Ergo, those Mac ads and the Mac attitude are just garbage.

I use Adobe Premiere Pro 2 to edit videos. I've used it for years. There's just not that much to it. I use GoldWave to edit sounds. That's not complicated, either.

I would argue that what sets the geat artists apart is their eye for the image or their ear for the sound. I have no idea what Rick Lee uses for a camera or a platform, but his work is just spectacular. I think the difference is he is Rick Lee and I'm not.

Let us know how the Zune works out.

Justin said...

Exactly, KT.

Photoshop and Quark XPress (a desktop publishing program used by many, if not most, newspapers and magazines) run on both Windows and Mac. I used those programs to make some amazing stuff for the newspaper and yearbook when I was in high schoo.

I did these on a Windows machine, not a Mac and you can't tell me that they would have been any better if I had done them on a Mac.

Of course, there's also the flip side... just about any serious gamer would tell you that Windows is the better OS for gaming. Even Mac people will say that. Are they really? I don't know.

K T Cat said...

They are. It's harder to write cross-platform games than it is to write for a single platform. There just isn't a large enough base of Macs to bother writing gams for.

Anonymous said...

How blind we are!

Let us know when your Zune supports Mac OS X (any version).

Talk about living in a fantasy.

pk de cville said...

How blind we are?

Does your Zune support Mac OSX?

Let us know when it does.

Also, who broke the Windows-iTunes interface? Was it iTunes, still stable on XP, or Vista feeling some intro pains.

Apple are only protecting their customers from the pain of losing music or peace of mind.

Worthy goal, don't ya think?

BTW, let us know how great the Zune experience is.