Sunday, February 04, 2007

Third Annual Super Bowl Predictions

Yes, this is the third year I've done these.

Two years ago, I nailed everything.

Last year, I only got the winner of the game right.

So let's look at what Vegas is saying, shall we?

The Game:

Colts. Peyton Manning finally got the big game monkey off of his back, and now he's going to get his ring.

The Spread:

Indy will beat the 6.5 spread.


Peyton Manning's a dynamic QB and I think the Colts offense will just outmatch the Bears D. I'd say that they'd go over the 47.0 mark, but the 60% chance of rain makes me think that scoring will be down... but will it be down enough? I think so. Under.

Post-game analysis:

(edited in at 21:09, just after the concolusion of the game)

Three for three!!!

Do I rock or do I rock?

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