Thursday, February 15, 2007

My response to the Mac people

My post about my experience in the Apple store yesterday generated some interesting comments from a Mac user.

Let's take a look:

Anonymous said...

How blind we are!

I've never said my vision was good, but it's good enough that Texas says I can drive.

Let us know when your Zune supports Mac OS X (any version).

You're right, the Zune doesn't work on a Mac. Maybe it will someday, maybe it won't. Personally I wouldn't pour the effort into making it work with a Mac.

Windows takes up over 90% of the worldwide desktop market share. Macs account for about 6%. Of that 6%, I think it's safe to assume that at least 90% of them would not even consider a Zune and automatically go with an Ipod.

I don't think it would be worth it to put the time, effort, and expense to write up software for 0.6% of the market, but maybe I'm wrong.

Talk about living in a fantasy.

If I was living in a fantasy Eva Longoria would be in my bed right now. She's not.

Oh, and no mention of the real meat of that post; the salesman that was talking down to me for having Vista. Imagine that.

Now on to the other comment which, as far as I can tell, was posted by the same person:

Peter said...

How blind we are?

Does your Zune support Mac OSX?

Let us know when it does.

Didn't I address this already?

Also, who broke the Windows-iTunes interface? Was it iTunes, still stable on XP, or Vista feeling some intro pains.

Ever heard of the Microsoft Developer Network? Because, through it, all the beta versions, release candidates, and the final product were made available for development purposes. The final version of Vista was available through MSDN in November, so there's no excuse for there to not be software ready.

Apple are only protecting their customers from the pain of losing music or peace of mind.

Worthy goal, don't ya think?

I also feel that it's a worthy goal to not alienate users of your product that also happen to be early adopters of a new operating system.

BTW, let us know how great the Zune experience is.

So far, I'm loving it. Thanks for asking. I'll have one up in a few weeks.

Of course, there weren't any snooty salesmen when I bought it, so it's already got one plus to it.

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K T Cat said...

It's a freaking hard drive with an A/V interface. Who gives a %$#^# what OS it runs? If you can play music on it, it's a success.