Sunday, February 04, 2007

Declaring shenanigans

I am hereby declaring shenanigans on Wildcatters owner Rick Adams from something said in the article that ran about the town hall meeting:

Powers said an early-season meeting for season ticket holders brought out less than half the team and no head coach. Adams denied an event ever took place and that there are various reasons an event for season ticket holders had not taken place yet.

(Emphasis added by me)

O RLY? Let's just look into that, because I could have sworn there was one and I was there. I remember it being on a softball night and the only reason I was able to go was because we had a 9:30 game that night.

Thankfully for me, Gmail keeps archives, so let's take a look...

*checks Gmail archives*

from: Jennifer Nguyen


to: Jennifer Nguyen <>,
"Angie Trevino (E-mail 2)" <>,
"Anthony Langella (E-mail)" <>,
"Jessica Munson (E-mail)" <>,
"Quincy Bird (E-mail)" <>,
"Rick Adams (E-mail)" <>,
"Steve Samoyedny (E-mail)" <>

date: Oct 19, 2006 11:12 AM

subject: Exclusive Season Ticket Holder Celebration!

You’re Invited…
Season Ticket Holder Exclusive Celebration!

Mingle With The Players
Let’s Build the Momentum Days Before Home Opener
Sponsored by: KFDM Channel 6

Monday, October 23, 2006
6:30 p.m.
Madison’s on Dowlen
4020 Dowlen Road

Season tickets will be available for pick up!

Let’s Pack the Park!
Not too late to get extra Home opener Tickets!
Get Them Soon, Seats Going Quick!

Thank you,

Jennifer Nguyen
General Manager

Just for kicks, here's a screenshot of the email taken from a printable version.

Looks like it happened to me...

If I remember right, Rick was even there.

Oh how soon we forget, eh?

That is if he really did forget and wasn't just trying to look good, something I'd expect from a lawyer.

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