Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gustav, you pain in the ass you!

Sunday morning, we made the call to pack up.

We had a really good route picked out:

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It's not the way we normally go into Fort Worth, but the normal ways you'd go from here are both blocked off during mandatory evacuations because they cross other evacuation routes.

Anyway, our evacuation was as smooth as it could be. We got to Lufkin in about two hours, the same amount of time that it'd normally take to get up there, and a vast improvement over the 20 hours it took during the Rita evacuation.

The only bad traffic we hit the whole way was in Jacksonville, which was purely a creation of all the stoplights in town.

The dogs handled the trip up really well, sleeping a good chunk of the way.

My time in Fort Worth was short and uneventful. The dogs didn't adjust to being up there too well at first, but they could have been a lot worse. Monday I went to Wal-Mart to get an oil change and then planned to do lunch with Twitter friends @shika and @GadgetVirtuoso but I was forced to cancel the lunch.


My cousin and grandmother decided they wanted to go home then to beat the traffic and avoid getting caught up in the massive rains expected from Gustav on Tuesday.

I hated missing lunch, but what could I do?

The drive back, which was my normal route, went smoothly.

Man it felt good to be back home.

It turned out to be little more than an inconvenience, which I'm thankful for.

I'd rather not be inconvenienced like that again, but I'll settle for that over coming back to a torn-up town any day.

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Tots said...


Still waiting on the rains my friend. Too bad.