Thursday, September 11, 2008

Maybe I should just move up to Fort Worth...

ihateikeIt's now official. Jefferson County just called for a mandatory evacuation due to Ike.

Needless to say, after having to do this for Gustav just a week and a half ago, I REALLY didn't want to have to go through all this shit again.

We've got some hatches to batten down, but we'll likely be heading out this afternoon or early tomorrow morning.

How it's looking I think we're far enough away from the center to not get whacked too hard (assuming it holds the forecasted course) but I'd rather be wrong in Fort Worth than wrong here.

On an unrelated note, feel free to steal my button.

Also, here are some relevant local links. I know I've posted them before, but I figure it's good to have them here for quick access:

  • SciGuy - Written by the Houston Chronicle's Eric Berger, I've found it's one of the best places to watch when it comes to the tropics.
  • The Beaumont Enterprise - Local newspaper.
  • KFDM, KBMT and KBTV - Local TV stations. All have video.

I've got a couple guest-bloggers lined up to try to keep this place fresh. This time I think I'll let them introduce themselves.

Thanks, y'all!

I leave you with this:


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