Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It Won't Be Long Before We're Overrun By Roaches

Hi-ho there, it's K T Cat with another guest post for Justin while he recovers from Ike. Today we're dealing with an insect invasion...

I've got a relatively neat house. I try to keep it clean and bug-free. However, our Maximum Leader, in her desire to hunt, keeps bringing in these:

We don't have mice or rats in the area and the birds are all in the trees and hard to get. The roaches, on the other hand, rush about in an attractive, random way and provide plenty of exciting chase opportunities. Our Maximum Leader catches them outside and then brings them indoors to present them as gifts and continue to play with them. After a while, however, the roaches get boring and she wanders off to the food dish to see if anything new is in it. The roaches, still alive, crawl under the coach to plot their revenge.

Pretty soon we're going to be living in a terrarium.

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