Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random thoughts about Ike and anything else I decide to rant about

Howdy y'all.

That's right, folks, I'm home!

On to the random thoughts:

  • First, let me take the time to thank K T Cat and Dean for
  • As much as I love Fort Worth, damn it feels good to be home, even without A/C
  • The MLB's ad in the Chronicle is total bullshit. Let me take this time to pass on a little message to Bud Selig: FUCK YOU!
  • The only thing that's missing from making being home totally 1000% awesome is not having A/C. I sure hope the tree guys get here soon.
  • Tomorrow I'll be working with my cousin Wes to fix our fence. Wes built our fence after Rita and then hired me to help him building them. It'll be fun to work with him again.
  • I might be getting a job helping out with the recovery soon. Not only is it good money, but it's helping the area get back on it's feet.
  • After not sitting at it for a week and a half, my own computer feels foreign to me. I swear.
  • Not having A/C sucks. I'd probably vote for Obama if he sent someone to take care of the tree leaning on the house tomorrow.
  • Fort Worth to Beaumont's a long drive with the dogs... probably took about 7 1/2 hours since we hit a few backups on the way home.
  • Massey's is awesome. If you're ever in Fort Worth, go there and have a chicken fried steak. Best I've ever had I think.

That's all I can think of for now y'all.

I'll leave K T and Dean here to guest-blog for a while while I get back in the groove of things and all that.

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K T Cat said...

You're welcome, amigo.