Tuesday, September 02, 2008

There's no place like home

And I'm back.

Gustav ended up not doing much here, I don't think we even got any rain today.

I got in last night about 9 PM and the winds were about 20 MPH gusting to 30.

I'm going to keep K T Cat on as a guestblogger for a few days while I settle back into normal life down here.

I'm already unpacked and everything, but I am so worn out. Two long drives following two nights of less than adequate sleep is enough to take it out of just about anybody.

I'll have a post about the experience in the next few days, but I'll take this moment to applaud the local officials, TxDOT, the DPS, and everybody else involved in making the evacuation process as smooth as possible.

To give you an idea, Lufkin is about a 110 mile drive away. During Rita, it took us around 20 hours to get there. This time it took about two.

And I'll also applaud the NHC for their forecasting of Gustav. They were very accurate, even five days out.

Enough for now, I'm off to bed.

(Note: I scheduled this post last night, I'm not really going to bed at 6 AM, it's a little before midnight right now)

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