Monday, January 26, 2009

I score a comment of the day!

fist The single funniest blog I read has to be The Bloggess.

On Friday, Jenny (who writes the blog) wrote a post about Barack and Michelle Obama fisting… or something.

The post made me think of a true story that happened just two days before. I posted it in the comments.

Jenny always chooses a “Comment of the day” and adds it to the bottom of a post when she updates the blog. It’s basically the best comment, in her mind, to the post.

Well, my grandmother’s doctor’s poor choice of words scored me a “Comment of the day” spot.

I’m so honored!

Should I tell her doctor about this when she goes back next week? Should I thank him? After all, I never would have scored this without his help.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Dude. How could I NOT use that comment. I was thinking about your grandma practicing her fisting all day long.

Honestly, I could not stop giggling.

Tots said...

So very very wrong....

But oh so funny. Things like this are what makes me respect your genius Justin.