Saturday, January 31, 2009


under-construction We got an interesting letter in the mail from the city on Thursday.

Starting sometime next week, they’re going to repave our street.

Our horrible, ancient, pothole-ridden street (which has to be one of the worst in town) is going to be reconstructed.

The city actually began the work today when they dumped all the limestone that they’ll be mixing into the base on the street, but that wasn’t too invasive. Take a look at the picture I posted to TwitPic.

  A shot from Google Maps Street View of a portion of our street. You can clearly see how many patches the city’s had to do over the years.

I guess the city realized, after patching potholes early this month, that the entire street needed to be done. Something I could have told them years ago.

The letter gave the impression that the work should take about a month.

Here’s my question to y’all, my loyal minions:

Would y’all be interested in seeing pictures of the work in progress?

I can post pictures here or I can not bother, it doesn’t matter to me.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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