Thursday, January 29, 2009

Working with a new toy now

Recently I found out that the cell plan mine is attached to has unlimited texting.

Before that, I was allowed something like 250 a month.

Neither of these facts I knew.

As you can see, nobody ever tells me anything.

Anywho, I’d been wanting to get a new cell phone for a while. The one I had was never really a good one and I’d gotten tired of it’s crap.

Since I now had an unlimited texting plan, I figured I’d get a phone that was good for texting. You know, something with a real keyboard and not that joke of typing with the number pad.

So now I’m the proud owner of an LG enV².

So far I’m really liking it. The keyboard’s nice and handy, even though I look like I’m saying a BlackBerry prayer when I’m using it.

It’s kept me much more active on Twitter, which I do like.

All in all, I’m really happy with the phone I got.

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