Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So METRO cops can do stuff… just not in Houston, apparently

That lady that fell onto the tracks in the D.C. subway yesterday.

She was rescued by a Houston METRO cop:

It all happened so quickly, Houston Metro Police officer Eliot Swainson never even got the woman’s name.

Swainson, a 15-year veteran of the transit agency’s police force, was credited with saving the woman’s life Tuesday morning after she fell off a subway platform in Washington, D.C., with a train approaching


Swainson grabbed the woman’s right arm while another commuter grabbed her left arm and began tugging, trying to pull her back onto the platform. Swainson said he then saw that the train was approaching fast and there was not enough time to pull her up.

He instead maneuvered her to crouch beneath a “cove” underneath the platform. The cove is designed as a safety feature, large enough for a person to fit under to escape harm from a passing train.

Good for him. And her.

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