Monday, March 06, 2006

The ignored CD phenomenon

It's happened to me again.

You buy a few good CD's, but one or two of them are so good that you tend to all but ignore the other one.

The first time this happened I bought Green Day's American Idiot and Staind's Chapter V the same day. The Green Day CD got (and still gets) tons of playtime in the car while the Staind CD is sitting aroundin my room with a few tracks off of it on my MP3 player.

This time, it's two Hoobastank CD's (the top two on the list that comes up) and Hinder's Extreme Behavior. Yea, I know I'm late on the Hoobastank CD's. Call me stupid, but an ex-girlfriend had recommended them a while back and I finally got past the silly name and shelled out the cash.

It's not like the neglected CD's are bad ones, they just pale in comparison to the other ones.

Poor CD's.

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