Sunday, March 12, 2006

Random Thoughts: COTC # 103

For those that aren't familiar, random thoughts is something I do about three times a year where I list anything and everything that's on my mind at the time. I also adapt the feature for when I write about episodes of 24.

Probably the biggest shocker to some of you will be that I don't have a cat myself now, but I have in the past and I do like them.

Anywho, hosting the carnival was Bruiser's idea, so he's helping me with this. He tells me that this is his way of extending a paw in friendship to the other species. He's got a lot of good ideas, he's just not good with my laptop.

"Lessee... Control+A, delete"

No Bruiser. That won't help.

Anyways, lets get this crazy train rolling.

Cats like to hide sometimes. Like in baskets or fabric, under socks or pillows.

Do mysteries involving cats sell as well as mysteries involving humans?
Just like Bruiser, cats have a great sense of just when to get in the way. *growl* Sorry, Bruiser. They can be out-witted, though.
Kittens like any little bit of sun that they can find and the grown-up ones do too. It seems to be very common.
They don't sell foot-warmers like this in stores.
We call this "the look" where I come from. Or is this more like it?
Someone always has to be different, don't they?
Where's Mills Lane when you need him?
Sometimes us humans just don't get it.
There's never anything wrong with sitting back on the porch.
Cats have a different approach to getting attention than dogs. Some cats try harder than others.
Cats may have ears, but they don't always listen.
Gardens are a really nice place to soak up the sun outside.
Cats practice catch and destroy, not catch and release like fishermen. Cat hunters (at least in this case) just take pictures.
Believe it or not, snowclones does not refer to fake snow.
Ever feel like you're on the top of the world?
I have a friend who called her old car Smudge, this is not her old car.
I hear that Jon Stewart was very disappointed when he found out about this.
What's with meatloaf? It's not meat, and it's not a loaf... I don't think.
Cats that are in someone else's territory can get nervous sometimes.
I've heard of puppy love, but a cat with men issues? aight...
A week in the life of Millie.
Socks = fun toys. Even White Sox... until they sweep your guys in the World Series.
I think I found someone to teach Bruiser how to use a computer.
Can I go outside? No, really, can I?
Forget being let out, I want in!
I'm ready for my uber-close-up!!!
Cats can't do everything.
Spring is coming and these cats have already noticed.
Cats could care less about the whole red state, blue state thing.
A cat can really lighten up a window and they love looking out of them.
Cats can be very curious.
W.W.M.D.? (I've got the right link in now... put in the trackback by accident... oops)
Well, if I remember right, there was a cat-like animal in Beauty and the Beast...
Blogging was light for two days at Mog's place.
The critters in my house wouldn't be doing this... they'd be scarfing it down.
Cats are paranoid about people thinking they're fat. They're not the only species that feels this way.
Bruiser tells me that if cats have catnip bubbles, he wants bacon bubbles.
I guess that getting above "dog-level" can be beneficial.
This is one reason why they invented digital cameras.
Some cats like to bounce up and down like a super ball.
Are they stubborn or just trying to save you some time?
Don't you sometime just want to be left alone?
Is Walter bigger than Elvis? I can tell you now that he's cuter :)
Piper's on the fence, but about what? Maybe it's what sport she wants to be in in the Cat Olympics.
Cats are very fascinating creatures, especially to kids.
Well, I've found the Cat Jazz musician, but is there a cat 3 Doors Down, Hoobastank or Toby Keith?
They didn't teach Hamlet quite like this back in high school.
Oh no, not the cone of shame. And why it was necessary. Harley will forgive you, I'm sure.
The Croc Hunter could use these footprints to track whatever beast left them.
This is what happens when you mix cats and rain.
Everybody say it with me now... awwwwwwww...
Computer time is the perfect time for your creatures to get in the way... unless you want them to... taking that picture up top with Bruiser was a lot of work.
And finally, a plug for the Carnival.

Thanks for joining us here this week, it's been a blast hosting, even when I got that headache yesterday. As always, you can check out the Carnival of the Cats homepage and next week's host, Music and Cats.

I'm off to give Bruiser a treat for being such a big help.

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