Wednesday, March 22, 2006

See, I can send semi-nice emails to people that piss me off

Mississippi Sea Wolves 3.21.06 press release

The section of note (underlining by the team):

Our fans are also asking why the Texas Wildcatters were given a new lease that included free rent for two years just to keep the team in Beaumont after Hurricane Rita cancelled their 2005-06 season. Unlike the Sea Wolves who lost everything from staplers to skate sharpeners, the Wildcatters, sustained no physical loses yet they are being given incentives to remain in Texas.

And my response:


Explain something to me, please. What does the situation with the Wildcatters have to do with your team? Why does it matter? How do the situations compare?

As I know you've been made aware, the new lease was negotiated to prevent a lawsuit because our facilities were, in fact, available for the season when we were told they wouldn't be. FEMA, who was using Ford Park as a staging area, had left the complex a week before the season would have started.

Last I checked, that's not what happened in Mississippi.

Don't get me wrong here, I know what hurricanes do all too well. I spent 20 hours in a car to get 100 miles ahead of Rita and came home to a tree on our roof and a shed missing a roof, among other things. But your losses are not a legitimate reason for a professional organization to act like a bunch of whiny second graders complaining that one kid's slice of pizza is bigger.

Anyways, back to my question. How do they compare?

They don't.

All I ask for is an apology to us, the Texas Wildcatters fans, and a retraction.



We'll see how the response is. Let's just say that if Mike makes this ugly, I'll out-ugly him in a heartbeat.

I'm not someone you wanna piss off.

UPDATE: I got a response, he tells me that he didn't write the release, he was just told to post it. I wrote back asking how to get ahold of the person that did write it.

UPDATE 2.0: got a RE, he says he'll pass it on. I'd be surprised as heck if he really does.

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