Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And this little piggy got a nut removed from his belly

TinyPic keyword search: pig
A pig, but definitely not one that I saw during these recent experiences since I found the image on TinyPic.

Since I didn't do any blogging before now, I'll be doing some catching up.

Monday was a fairly uneventful day. A dog came in with mange that I made an effort to keep my distance from in an effort to not bring it home to my boys, then a discussion on the doc's theory that people's immune systems are weaker than they used to be because of, among other things, people washing their hands so much. I don't have a medical degree, so don't ask me what to think about it.

Another dog came in that the emergency vet clinic though had Parvo "a little." You either got it or you don't, there's no having it "a little." It's then that I learned that you see a lot of cases four or five days after Memorial Day, the 4th, or Labor day, of dogs that ate barbecue. Their systems can't handle spicy foods. He was given some meds to flush his system and should be ok in a few days.

Then it was off to the farm. We hopped in the truck and went to take blood from a few cows. No big deal besides muddying up my shoes. Then we went to another farm where we were castrating a few pigs before they would be taken to show. We were able to do two on site but the third needed to be brought in and operated on because he had an undescended testicle.

After that, I headed home, then took Tuesday off since I'm not being paid for this.

The big thing today was that pig mentioned earlier coming in for surgery to remove the testicle which was still in his abdominal cavity. The surgery went smoothly and that pig is now not the man he used to be just like his buddies.

We had a few dogs come in for shots and one come in with heart problems. She wasn't on the right medication regiment (through the fault of a "heart specialist" in the Carolinas), so we fixed that. Other than those, everybody was in for shots.

No idea what I'll be looking at tomorrow.

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