Monday, July 02, 2007

The No Fun League hates people who use the internets

(Hat-tip: Deadspin)

The NFL, in their infinite marketing wisdom, has stumbled upon a grand idea: Limiting online video.

In a move designed to protect the Internet operations of its 32 teams, the pro football league has told news organizations that it will no longer permit them to carry unlimited online video clips of players, coaches or other officials, including video that the news organizations gather themselves on a team's premises. News organizations can post no more than 45 seconds per day of video shot at a team's facilities, including news conferences, interviews and practice-field reports.

Is this bullshit or is this bullshit?

Honestly... this is ridiculous. All the NFL wants is for us to get all the video from the team's sites. And that fucking blows. I'm not going to the Texans web site to get my news on the team. Hell, when I had season tickets the only time I ever went to their site was to check the roof forecast (their guess on if the roof would be open or not). Simply put, I don't trust the team to tell it like it is on their site. I want to hear from independent people who don't have to kiss the team's ass for fear of losing their jobs.

I didn't renew my season tickets and I doubt I get them again anytime in the forseeable future. Hell, if this is the case, I might just stay away from football this year, although it's not like watching the Astros has been pleasant this year.

At least Houston Chronicle NFL writer (and Hall of Fame member) John McClain had a humorous take on it:

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K T Cat said...

Just so long as they don't stop Internet audio. I can't live without my Saints games on the stereo!