Thursday, July 05, 2007

You did WHAT to that cow?

No, I didn't do anything.

Today I got my first exposure to the not-so-pretty elements of being a vet. More on that later.

First patient of the day was a rottweiler with an arthritic leg that was coming in for a second opinion. The vet he'd been going to uses homeopathic treatments, which, as Dr. Hall put it, are only effective to a certain extent. He put the rottweiler on some regular medicine for it and said that he should be better in a few days.

After that, we looked at a cow that was struggling with going to the bathroom. She was outside in a trailer, her owners had brought her to the clinic.

In the course of the examination, the doc put on a humongous plastic glove and stuck his arm up one of the cow's holes (I wasn't about to get close enough to see which one, I'm too green for that yet I think). I'm standing back, watching this unfold in the parking lot, amazingly unfazed by it all. I just wonder what all the people driving by on FM 365 were thinking.

After that, I got in my chick moment for the day when a lady brought in her eight week old beagle for his first round of shots. He was so adorable, as beagle puppies tend to be.

Last set we saw were two of my mom's dogs that needed shots. One of them gets REALLY carsick, so my mom brought her in one of those cages with the removable pans. I hosed down the pan while Dr. Hall gave them their shots. He gave the carsick one some stuff that helps with carsickness and gave my mom the rest of the syringe (it comes in them) for future car trips. It's just something you squirt on their ear and rub in... the skin absorbs it.

After that, he said I could go because he was taking a long lunch and there wasn't anything much scheduled for the afternoon.

Tomorrow comes a real test for what I can handle, as he's doing a couple of spays.

I think I'll be ok though, Lately I've been watching a lot of my House DVD's and only turned my head once, and that wasn't even for one of those nasty medical mockups, but when Chase kisses the cancer kid in the second season episode Autopsy.

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