Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The best laid plans always manage to get blown to shit one way or another - part 2

An update to the previous saga.

We left for Conroe about 9 this morning. About 10:30, just west of Cleveland. I finally thought to call the people we were meeting and tell them that my cell was out of commission and to reach us on a different number.

Naturally, they'd tried to get ahold of me to tell me that they had problems. Their transmission started slipping and they had to head back to Fort Worth.

We're hoping to get another shot at this on Saturday, we'll know more tonight.

OK, so I guess I should tell you what we were gonna be picking up.

Her name's Taffy. She's a four year old German Shepherd that used to be my grandmother's brother's dog. When he died a few months ago, some of our other family up that way took her in, but they're moving and can't bring her so she's coming to live with us. We met her when we were staying up there for Rita. She's a real sweetie and she should fit in nicely.

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