Saturday, July 14, 2007

Someone check that dog...

Thursday was a really short day for me, and it was all my fault.

I didn't get up to the office until about 10:30 because the doc had a few calls to make before he got in the office. The moment I got to the office, I realized that I forgot my wallet, which I never forget, so I told him I didn't plan on staying past lunch since I wouldn't have money for it.

We saw a couple of dogs for routine stuff then spayed a cat. We had to get the gloves out to get this cat out of it's kennel because it didn't want anything to do with us. We gave her the shot and let her loose in the exam room, where she ran and hid until she went to sleep. I was then told that the fight that one put up was nothing, they've had a few hanging from the ceiling.

Friday was more interesting...

I got in on time, but the doc was running late. By the time he got there, we had about 5 dogs in the waiting room. From what I can remember, they were all pretty routine. After that, it went to two surgeries.

" Someone check that dog to see if it has testicles "

The first one was on a golden retriever mix. His owner said that he was coming in for a spay but I was pretty sure it was a boy dog from when he came in earlier this week, which is when the doc said "Someone check that dog to see if it has testicles." Long story short, it definitely was a boy. Surgery went off without a hitch.

Next was a cat who was in for being neutered and declawed. This cat was doing a lot of meowing in his kennel so we all thought he'd be a fighter like the one yesterday. He was a pretty timid fellow, not putting up a fight at all. Another surgery that went pretty smoothly. Then we headed to lunch

After lunch (or at least I think it was after) we had a cat come in whose owner thought it's hair was falling out. It's skin was healthy and the hair was growing back, so it didn't look like it was falling out. Turns out something in it's life had changed and it had basically been driven crazy to the point it was pulling out it's hair. We put it on some all-natural stuff that tends to have better results than that kitty prozac stuff they sell and it should be fine.

The last one we had come in was a baby goat (A little smaller than my dogs) that wasn't able to stand up and was grinding it's teeth. It showed all the signs of a thiamine (Vitamin B1) deficiency, which affects motor skills. He'd probably picked this up from eating some sort of fungus or toxic plant, and is more common with the weather we've been having lately (lots of rain, followed by some hot, sunny days). He's getting thiamine shots and will need a lot of TLC to kick this thing. His survival basically depends on how bad it's messed with the white matter in his brain, so there's no guarantees for the cutie.

I won't be going back in until Wednesday because the doc's got a doctors appointment on Monday that's cutting his day to a short morning and I've got an eye doctor's appointment in Houston on Tuesday.

Sometime before then, I'll put a post together about how much I'm enjoying this experience so far.

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