Monday, July 30, 2007

A few quick items

I've got some things that need to be said but nothing big enough for it's own post, so here it comes in sections:

A technical note

Due to an issue with extended entries not showing up on permalink pages, I've set up the "Read more..." links to direct you to the permalink pages instead of showing you the rest of the post. It's the only way I could find to resolve the issue and meant that I didn't have to change the coding in any posts, just my template.

Bruiser's ear infection

I just thought I'd pass on a quick update on Bruiser's ear infection.

One of the giveaway signs (and one that makes sense now that I think about it) is shaking their heads a lot.

Bruiser has gotten to the point where he's not doing that at all. The only time he's been doing it lately is when we either give him the drips or do a cleaning, which is to be expected.

He's gotten really good about doing the drops but still fights it when we clean his ears. I'm hoping that he stops with that soon because he's in for that about once a week for the rest of his life.

Taffy settling in nicely

Taffy and the boys have been getting along pretty well. I think Petey's a little intimidated by her size, but they'll get used to each other eventually.

She seems to have gotten to the point where she knows that this is her house and is starting to act like it. She's started barking at things the same way Petey always has. Petey's got a really loud, high-pitched bark that's more goofy sounding than intimidating, but Taffy's bark is deep, loud, and would be kind of scary if you weren't expecting it.

I hope to get more pictures of her up for Friday dogblogging this week.

Well, that's all I can think of, so see y'all later I guess.

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