Thursday, July 19, 2007

Twitter: We are no longer friends

Twitter, the service that I can't think of a way to describe, has decided that it's users are no longer friends.

After careful consideration and user testing, we are no longer going to define people as your "friends." The functionality of adding people remains, but the interaction is focused on the term "follow" instead. We've also added a "notifications" toggle which allows you to turn on updates via SMS or IM on a person-by-person basis.

So all the people that I was "friends" with are now people that I "follow." And people that were "friends" with me are now my "followers."

I'm kind of liking this whole having "followers" thing. It's like being the center of my own personal religion. The "Cult of Justin," if you will. Because, yea, I'm so worth worshiping.

Not that I'd let something like that go to my head or anything.

Now, when will you join the Cult of Justin?

OK, in all seriousness, if a cult forms to worship me then they all should be thrown in the nuthouse.

I mean, pick someone cool to worship.

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