Friday, July 06, 2007

Something I may never see again.

It's been raining all week.

Every day when I've drove in it's been raining.

The first thing we saw today was a dog with tetanus. Incredibly rare. Only the fourth dog that he's seen with it in his career of well over 20 years. The other three that had it survived so I think chances for him are pretty good. He'll be on tranquilizers and fluids until the bug gets out of his system.

We had a few other emergencies come in. Had a black lab that was hit by a 4-wheeler and some little bitty blind 15 year old dog that got his butt kicked in a fight with another dog. They both were given some shots and some pills to help with their problems.

A few dogs came in for shots, nothing too interesting there.

We had a couple spays. A fairly big dog and a cat with a uterus infection. I watched both and managed to not get sick. Both went pretty smoothly.

And then there was the necropsy (the word autopsy only applies when it's done to another human, some sort of latin thing) of a pig that died suddenly just before I left. Nothing fancy, just cutting him open in the bed of a truck and taking a look at his organs. Looked like a lung infection, probably not contagious to the other pigs.

I'm worn out, I need some sleep.


K T Cat said...

It's really cool to hear what a vet sees during the day. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure doing necromancy with animals is illegal in texas.

Justin said...

You're thinking of something else, Jenny.