Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bear's ordeal

We left about 7:15 this morning and got Bear to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston.

He was referred to them for them to take a look at what's basically a growth in his colon that's restricting poop from coming out.

We got there and the place creeped me out a little for the simple fact that it looked more like a hospital than a vet's office.

Anyways, once we got in to see the vet, he told us that they were going to run a bunch of tests: X-rays, bloodwork, an ultrasound, a colonoscopy, and taking a few biopsy samples. He also told us that we had about 5 hours to go Christmas shopping or whatever else we wanted to do.

So we did.

When we got back, he explained everything that they found in terms that were about as understandable as they can be for someone who doesn't know a lick about medicine.

Basically he's got a stricture, or a circular growth, in there that has a pretty small hole left and two other growth farther out that they believed were connected. Based on the x-ray and bloodwork they think that the cause is likely an infection of some sort, but they're not going to say for sure until they get the biopsy report back from the pathologist on Monday or Tuesday.

When that comes back, we'll figure out what to do next.

Believe me, he's happy to be home after all that.

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