Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The vet called

Here's the short story on Bear:

The biopsy came back normal, but the lab screwed up and didn't do the fungal test on it that he ordered, so they're doing that now.

Naturally they don't read the directions.

He's prescribing a steroid and antibiotics for Bear and we're supposed to call back Monday to get the updated results and all that good stuff.

He also said that Bear would probably need surgery, but that it wouldn't be until after the new year, which is two to three weeks away.


Now, can somebody help me get ahold of that dumbass lab technician so I can rip them a new asshole for not following simple, written out directions? Fucking inexcusable.


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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the biopsy came back negative. Whoohoo!

By the way, I HATE the new Blogger. I'm just making the rounds right now on the Thursday Thirteens and I have to leave comments as "Other" since every blog that has moved to the new Blogger won't let me log in as K T Cat. Arggghhhh!