Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Blogroll

I'll be adding things to it as I see fit, but that's what I have now.

As far as the blogs on there, let's take a look.

  • Bad Example - Harvey's blogging is grest stuff to read. If just for the naughty comments on the love notes.
  • Blogs For House - This place screams "I want to be Blogs4Bauer," but I like the show, so I read it.
  • Blogs4Bauer - I'm a 24 addict, need I say more? Ok, I will. There may be a lot of 24 blogs out there, but this one kicks everybody else's ass. By a longshot. And it's funny, to boot.
  • Deadspin - Sports and (occasionally) other stuff. What it lacks in access, it more than makes up for in attitude. Without them, most of us would never know about You're with me, leather or Carl Monday.
  • Dig & Scratch - Got an email about this one last week. It's written by pet owners in NYC and has some spunk to it. I like spunk.
  • DogBytes - A MUCH tamer blog about dogs, written by a dog behavioral therapist and store owner in Houston. Occasionally there's something on there that I like
  • IMAO - Frank J. Must I say more?
  • Lone Star Times - It's a conservative Houston blog. A bit too conservative for my tastes, but they have some funny stuff once in a while.
  • Lopez@Large - Probably the sports columnist at the Chronicle that I think is an idiot the least, of that makes any sense.
  • Mainly random. - Did I ever mention that I like attitude in a blog? Cause she's got it. A lot of it. Maybe too much, if that's possible.
  • Mama Drama - A bunch of Houston-area moms that blog about being moms. There is some REALLY funny stuff on there.
  • mountaineer musing - Cadet Happy's project making fun of the next blogger on my list.
  • mountaineer musings - Poor sarahk. What the heck was the girl thinking, moving from Texas? Yea, I know. She got married to Frank J. I really can't say why I like it, but I do.
  • PhotoJournalism - Mark's a photog for the local paper. He posts some of his pics here. He's good.
  • PokerTable - It doesn't get updated much, but it's about poker. Matt Dean, the writer, finished 7th in the 2004 WSOP Main Event (the year Greg Raymer won), so I figure he knows a bit about it
  • Rusty's World - A local TV morning show anchor's blog. He'd stopped blogging earlier this year after getting a lot of crap over something that anybody in the public eye shouldn't blog about much, his personal life. But he came back a couple months ago.
  • TechBlog - The place I go to find out about tech stuff.
  • The Scratching Post - The place to check in on who's really in charge.
  • This Blog Is Full Of Crap - Unlike most bloggers, at least Lair admits that he is.
  • Through our eyes - That blog I do with the local paper that would have died a long time ago had Pete not talked me into writing for it.

As I said, I'll be adding stuff to the blogroll all the time, so keep an eye on it to see if there's anything you like :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for adding me btw, the more readers I have the more fun I can have pissing them all off. Do you have MSN messenger? The reasons I'm asking is I know it's not that common in the states..

Justin said...

Why you're welcome.

And yes, I do have it. It's

I really need to put that with the rest of my contact info.

Anonymous said...

well...i've added you and nothing happens..i hate msn. ~iheartblackeyes

Justin said...

I think that was a problem on my end... go fig.