Monday, December 18, 2006

I've stopped trying

I've had this blog for a long time.

It started as something that I really didn't have much interest in, so I updated maybe two or three times a month.

Then I discovered what all is out there in the blogosphere.

A guy whose own blog title says that he's full of crap showed me the light of what a blog can be... and I decided that I'd truly let this place be an extension of myself.

But it hasn't been a full extension of me, because I've kinda tried (poorly) to keep it clean.

Well I'm gonna stop trying to which means MORE CUSS WORDS! YAY!!!

sarahk would be shaking her head right now if she read my blog.

I'd just tell her to kiss my pinkytoe.

Little kids probably aren't reading this place anyways... they're all doing whatever the hell little kids do these days, like spending way too much time on MySpace talking to their friends about how much their history teacher sucks.

That'd be better than cross-dressing, which at least one of my reader's little brothers does...

I thought about getting him a dress for christmas, but I figure it's best to not encourage him.


Anonymous said...

Horaay for cuss words ;] I Love them! haha. Heh, you should of seen my face on the last part Justin, lol.

Anonymous said...

Well, bust my crank with a gregdafarbin' crinklewitz! It's about time ya got real, son.

Anonymous said...

You know...swear words are all the rage these days.