Saturday, December 30, 2006

What to do, what to do

New years is coming... or so they tell me.

With that, I'm sure y'all are all wondering just what I'm going to do for the big day.

Not too much.

I'm going to the Texans game with one of my friends. This time, a blogless one. He's too boring to blog.

Thankfully, he doesn't read this place.

At least I don't think he does.

That would be an awkward moment tomorrow:

"Dude, I saw what you said about me on your blog."

"Oh @#%$"

Anyways, after the game we may do something, but I don't know. I've gotta drive back to Beaumont, so there won't be alcohol involved I'm sure.

Once we get back to Beaumont, I plan to stay home.

I just don't have a big desire to go out and get wasted with the throngs that will be welcoming in the new year.

I can get wasted just as easily at my place. Which is good, because then you don't have to drive anywhere AND there aren't any drunk idiots wanting to start something stupid.

Then again, I'd also miss all the stylish drunks. They're always fun, but not TRULY enjoyed unless you're sober.

Truth be told, I'd be too tired to go out after the game anyways.

Oh well. All of y'all that are going out can have a drink (or twelve) for me.

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K T Cat said...

I usually celebrate a Galveston New Year's. That is, we celebrate when it's midnight in Galveston, which is 10PM in San Diego. How we picked Galveston is a long story.

Maybe we'll do something really crazy this year and celebrate a Beaumont New Year's instead.

What I can't understand are the folks who watch the Times Square party on TV. How lifeless is that? Watching someone else party on TV? I'd rather read an accounting book.

Justin said...

No, trust me, you want to celebrate a Galveston New Year. A Beaumont one would get kinda boring by comparison.

Or you could celebrate an Austin New Year... if you can get through the traffic on I-35

Anonymous said...

Better than me. I stayed home and watched Hee-Haw episodes from the 70's. Seriously. It was freaking hilarious...once I'd had enough to drink.