Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Edouard: All bark, not much bite

Edouard 010Throughout the night, the talk from the local TV stations was that Edouard would end up being a lot like Humberto was last year.

It turned out to be nothing near as bad.

It was windy and we got some rain, but that was about it. Neither were as bad as Humberto.

The worst that was along our street was that a neighbor's trash can blew over.

Parts of town reported limbs down (As you can see from the above shot outside of a local grocery store) and sporadic power outages, but all in all it was no worse than a bad line of thunderstorms moving through.

I've got some pictures up that I took during a trip out to get some dry ice that we needed not because we didn't have power but because our freezer died over the weekend.

I had some fun with the captions, so be sure to poke around a little...

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