Saturday, August 30, 2008

Watching Gustav: Day 5

gustavday5 We're not going yet.

My grandmother, who's been in Fort Worth visiting her sister, decided to come back today because "Gustav isn't coming here."

It's very possible that we won't catch the brunt of the storm.

But it's very possible that we will too.

With the days that have gone by, the forecasts that we're looking at now are much more accurate than the ones we were looking at, but it's still far from a done deal.

Locally, special needs evacuations began at noon today and a mandatory evacuation will begin at 6 AM tomorrow morning. Probably what we'll end up doing is waiting for Sunday night or early Monday morning to make a decision for ourselves on whether or not to get the hell out of dodge.

That kind of timeframe will narrow things down and allow us to make the best decision.

Odds are that we'll go.

I'll check in again tomorrow morning.

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