Monday, August 25, 2008

Marking my place

I sing in the choir at church, so anything that helps me during the service is great.

I'd been using a tear-out in our bulletins to mark the hymns we were singing, but I felt like doing something else. Some of the folks around me had these ribbon things they used and other folks had other various ideas.

(Fun Fact: Post-It Notes were invented by a choir member at a Methodist church as a way for him to mark his hymnal.)

Well, I didn't invent the Post-It Note, but I did something that works similar to the ribbon idea, with a little help via a suggestion by my grandmother.

I took a note card, cut it down small enough to fit into the spine of my hymnal, punched five small holes in it, and tied a string of yarn to each hole.

Stick the thing in the spine and you get this:


Should do the trick.

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