Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paved with gold

There was an article on the local paper's website yesterday about the reconstruction of Beaumont's Main Street. I'd link the article, but I can't find it on their website anymore.

Anyway, they attached the text from a fact box to the bottom of the story. The box contained what was obviously a typo when it said that the project cost $6.3 billion.

Of course, I knew better than to think that the half-mile of street, along with sewer, drainage, and other improvements wouldn't cost that. The article itself stated that it cost $6.3 million, which sounded closer to the real number.

But that got me thinking: What would it take for a half-mile of street to cost $6.3 billion? The only thing that I could think of is that if the street was paved in gold.

Being the kind of person I am, I decided to mess around in Photoshop some and see if I could see what that would look like.

I took an image I shot on Dowlen last week after Edouard to use as a base.

An extract and cover overlay later, I came up with this image:


It actually turned out a lot better than I thought, and took less than half an hour to whip up.

If you ask me, a street paved in gold isn't all that appealing. New concrete streets, which look almost snow-white sometimes, drive my light-sensitive eyes nuts. But I honestly think this would be worse.

And that's not even considering the glare you'd be sure to get off of it.

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