Friday, August 29, 2008

Watching Gustav: Day 4

gustavday4 I was hoping that we'd have a better idea of where Gustav would be heading today.

We don't.

So, it's just another day of wait and see.

We should have a much better idea of what we're looking at either Saturday night or Sunday morning once this thing enters the Gulf.

Right now I'm keeping an eye on SciGuy's live chat on Gustav to pick up some info.

Also, I've made some arrangements for the blog to get a little fresh content if I should have to go. K T Cat has graciously accepted my invitation to guest blog if I have to evacuate the Justin's Random Thoughts Global Headquarters, an invitation I extended because I probably won't have much access to the interwebs in Fort Worth.

Hopefully it's not needed, but you never know.

Thank you K T!

I plan on updating tomorrow. We might be leaving then, but I'm thinking that how murky things look we'll probably wait until Sunday to make a decision.

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