Monday, August 11, 2008

The last thing I want to think about when watching the Olympics... politics.

Which has to be exactly why I saw ads for both McCain and Obama while watching them yesterday.

Now, to those of you in battleground states, it might seem odd that I'd mention that I saw a commercial, but you have to realize that Texas isn't exactly one of those states where they're fighting tooth and nail for your vote. All I can say to y'all is that, if it's anything near as bad as what we dealt with from Obama and Hillary back in February/March you have my deepest sympathies.

Obama ran an ad I'd never seen before during the daytime coverage. Either late morning or early afternoon, I'm not sure which. All I remember is that it was about his flawed energy plan.

McCain's ad, which I saw during prime time, was the infamous "Celebrity" ad.

I'd seen this one before because, when this one came out, it got so much attention on the news.

I'm not even about to start going into what I think about that ad. That's been discussed too many places to even bother bringing it up here.

Is it too much to wish that I could just be left alone during the Olympics? I mean, really. Sports is my great escape from all the stupid bullshit going on in the world. Why do you have to take that from me?

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