Friday, August 29, 2008

Updated: A Twitter exchange worth blogging

cynthia_mckinney This all in response to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin being selected as McCain's Veep:

isfullofcrap The press much be shitting themselves with glee. Come November, they can accuse America of being either racist or sexist. 23 minutes ago from web

fatelvis04 @isfullofcrap So Cynthia McKinney's our only safe choice, huh? 22 minutes ago from twhirl in reply to isfullofcrap

isfullofcrap @fatelvis04 - I wouldn't even choose her in a Pokemon fight. 19 minutes ago from web in reply to fatelvis04

Tots4Masses @fatelvis04 @isfullofcrap Ignoranthatingracebaiter I CHOOSE YOU! 17 minutes ago from web in reply to fatelvis04

As far as my thoughts on Palin? I'll blog them later.

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Update: Houston Keys (Tots4Masses above) has whipped up a relevant image.

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